A final Goodbye

Then he went and cheapened the moment of our final goodbye.

That was when I decided I had long outgrown him. That any remaining tears would have been wasted. And suddenly, I didn’t care anymore. It didn’t hurt. Not even a little bit.

In fact, I felt relief. I took a big, deep breath and turned away from what had been my life to look at what my life had yet to become.


New Patron Deal!

In support of my upcoming pirate series, She the Sea, I will be offering a few extra deals to the tiers for all of my patrons!
For $1 tier: Name a ship!* (Be it merchant, navy, or pirate; give a ship in my story a creative name! Only 1 per patron.)
For $3 tier: Name and describe a character!* (Whether it’s a pirate, a soldier, a hermit, or a merchant; give it a name and a basic appearance! Only 1 per patron.) Bonus! $3 patrons also get tier $1 deal as well!
For $5 tier: Make and name a mythical creature!* (Whether you want a unicorn, a mermaid, or a werewolf; you give me a species and a name and I’ll put it in the story! 1 per patron.) Bonus! $5 patrons also get tier $1 and $3 deals as well!
I hope you enjoy these opportunities! These deals will be available from now until I have finished my pirate series. Have fun while it lasts!
*I will give you a shoutout on Patreon, WordPress, and Tumblr; but I reserve the right to use the names and characters and ships and creatures in my story as I see fit. Do not send me your own Original Characters. The characters in my series will be my characters. This deal is about letting my patrons participate in this series by naming things and providing more variety of mythical creatures.
Thanks for understanding!

New work in progress!

I’m so excited for my new series, She the Sea. It’s a series of short stories about a fleet of female warrior-pirates. It’s got action, adventures, swordfights, camaraderie, and even some mythical creatures added to the mix!

I’ll be posting this one short story at a time, like chapters in a book. You’ll be able to find excerpts on here, but to read the full text go to my Patreon for just $5 a month so you don’t miss one bit of the action!