Help a Neurodivergent Writer Out? Please share!

Hey, I’m Syd. I’ve been a writeblr on Tumblr for over 5 years (I think it’s almost 6 actually!) I have several on-going wips (The Crazy Bunch, High on Knowledge, She the Sea) and I also write poetry and short stories.

I haven’t been able to write much lately. For the last two and a half years, I’ve been struggling with severe depression, alongside general anxiety and panic attacks. My therapist even wants to screen me for Dissociative Identity Disorder. All of this has taken a toll on me. I had to drop out of university, move back in with my parents, and resign from my job.

With therapy, I’m doing better week by week. The last couple days in particular have been good. I even managed to work on some writing. As my mental state slowly improves, my financial state rapidly gets worse. The cost of therapy alone is rough, a fee which I have to pay every week. If I go longer than a week without seeing my therapist, I become overwhelmed and have some of my more severe symptoms appear again. I also need money for gas because I have to drive myself to therapy. A bus or a carpool are not viable options for me.

I’m asking for some help, but the help you give will not go unrewarded. For every ko-fi donation, you’ll receive a haiku! And for every new (and existing!) Patron I receive, I will write a sonnet in your honor.


  • one haiku per ko-fi ($3)
  • multiple contributions get multiple haikus
  • leave your url (if you want) so I can dedicate it to you on tumblr as well as sending it to you directly
  • you can also leave a word prompt for the haiku (like “lavender” or “october” for example)


  • I enjoy reading (and writing!) Shakespearean sonnets
  • For every new and current patron, you get one!
  • You can request a subject/give a prompt for your sonnet through Patreon’s messaging service
  • Also this is like Your Chance to have someone write a sonnet for you and I mean how cool is that??

If you can’t help (which is ok! take care of yourself first!) then please reblog to spread this. I am not well enough to hold down a job. Writing is my only means of making money.

Thanks for your time and contribution!

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Am I a nice person? I try to be. I want to be. People say you attract whatever you put out into the world. Then why do people like you waltz into my life and step all over me before shutting off all the lights and slamming the door? You leave me cold, broken, and alone. Why do you just get to walk away? Why am I the one cleaning up the mess you made?

Maybe I’m naive, stupid, too trusting–whatever. It doesn’t matter. I get blamed for it. I “should have seen it coming” while you get to walk away as the “victim” with a strut in your step and a gleam in your eye.

Who’s playing victim again? Who still cries every night from the hurt in their heart? Who has haunting nightmares they can’t wake up from?

Do you?

Do you?

Everything you said to me was a lie. But I’m too fucked up not to blame myself for not seeing through you.

You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I guess I’m just the prey.

S. G. Glasgow

Barnyard Bedtime

Please go to sleep
Like the horse and the sheep
And the hens with not a peep.

Not a sound from the jay
At the stables they stay
In their beds made of hay.

In the morn’ they wake up
With a clomp and a cluck
To scamper around in the muck.

After starting the day
They wrestle and play
Each in their own little way.

With the warm milk you drink,
Into slumber you sink
A new day closer than you think.

©S. G. Glasgow

Better Off Without Me: A Poem

I’ve been hurt

a time or two.

But baby,

I still love you.


I want to be a place

you can rest your head.

Unfortunately, I’ve become

a burden, instead.


I really do love you,

but I know what I need to do.


I don’t understand

the good in me you see,

because I know you’d be

better off without me.